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Sustainable Energy


The main area of expertise of Ignetas, UAB is the production of industrial plastic items. The company also combines plastic materials produced by way of injection molding with internally sourced metal parts to assemble the final goods. Ignetas can also offer a full spectrum of metal works including CNC milling/drilling/turning, laser cutting, welding, sheet metal folding etc.

Currently, Ignetas is implementing the project named “Application of technological eco innovations at UAB Ignetas” financed by EU program “Eco innovatons LT+”. The objective of the project is to apply technological eco-innovations to the plastic injection molding processes which would lead to savings of raw materials and resources. The expected outcome of this project is 0% waste production process of plastic items. The sustainable manufacturing process of plastics will be a significant contribution to the public health of the society and more efficient use of resources. In addition, these innovations will deliver manufacturing efficiencies, cost savings and improve the competitiveness of Ignetas in terms of pricing and quality.         

Project launch: 2019-09-18.

Project completion: 2021-10-15.


European regional development fund provided 225,000 eur for the implementation of the project.

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